Friday, February 20, 2009

Solving the Problem of Acne Scars Effectively

At times and in some places, scar marks left by acne can be quite a disturbing factor for many. One does not need to feel down over this issue as modern day science and technology has come up with very effective solutions for treating scar marks left by acne, chicken pox and skin injuries.

There are different types of scars caused by acne. Some spots that appear on the skin may also resemble scars marks but are not scars actually. One should not confuse reddish and flat spots with acne scars. They are also known as pseudo-scars and are generally the last stage of many inflamed acne lesions. After a red acne lesion becomes flat, a macule can stay behind up to as many as 6 months in order to mark the place where the lesion had formed. When the macule finally vanishes, there is no sign of the mark. Here it is how spots differ from scars.

Different types of treatments are commonly applied for removing acne scars. Dermatologic surgery is also used for this purpose. A person should choose the right type of treatment keeping in mind the pattern of his/her scar mark and skin type. One also needs to consider the cost of the treatment; as such methods can prove to be quite expensive as well. Certain kinds of acne scar treatments can also result in additional scarring, if a person is prone to the formation of scars. Thus, one should be extremely cautious before opting for a scar treatment, as the choices are plenty.

It is also essential to seek the opinion of an expert dermatologist to know which scar treatment is suitable for a person. Prior to the treatment, you need to have an open talk with the skin specialist regarding all the queries you have in your mind. You should not have any doubts about the chosen treatment. The dermatologist would then conduct a complete examination to determine if the treatment is safe for you or not and will it work for your skin type. The following types of scar treatments are commonly practiced.
acne scar treatment
Collagen injections

Collagen, which is a natural substance present in the body, is injected just below the surface of the skin in order to fill out and stretch various kinds of deep as well as superficial soft scars. In cases of keloids and ice-pick scars this Collagen treatment is generally not that effective. People who suffer from autoimmune diseases cannot be injected with Collagen obtained from cows or any other non-human origin. Fascia or human collagen is good for people who are allergic to collagen derived from cows. The benefits of taking collagen injections are that they effect normally lasts for about a good three to six months.

Medicines and Scar Treatment Creams

Today, over the counter medicines for the treatment of acne scars are easily available for people having scars, but the most crucial part is selecting the perfect product. One such product is Acne Scar Treatment Kit by Zenmed®. This is an innovative product that works very fast to remove different imperfections of the skin in the form of acne scars and dark spots. If you use this product just two to three times a week, you will not have to visit beauty salons on spend large amounts of money on laser surgery or other surgical methods.

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